4-Port MADI<>Dante conversion

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AMS Neve StarNet DM256

A Compact Powerhouse for Audio Format Conversion.

A powerful, high channel count, MADI to Dante and Dante to MADI digital audio format converter housed in a 1U 19? rack chassis. The StarNet DM256 is the first Neve unit to integrate Dante IP core technology. This powerhouse enables an expansive I/O count of up to 256 channels of Dante Tx & Rx through a single Ethernet connection, setting a new benchmark in digital audio technology. Boasting one of the largest digital I/O counts on the market, the StarNet DM256 accommodates 256 channels of MADI IN/MADI OUT across four MADI ports. These ports feature duplex MADI SC optical connections and dual-BNC coaxial connections, meeting and exceeding professional MADI standards outlined by the Audio Engineering Society.

The StarNet DM256 incorporates a modern, low-drift crystal oscillator clocking system and PLL, positioning itself as the ultimate master clock in any professional studio environment. Dante connections are facilitated through dual Ethernet ports, offering redundancy for network failure resilience or daisy-chaining capabilities in switched mode. Equipped with a Maximum Channel Mapping (MCM) feature, the DM256 ensures seamless multiplexing of MADI I/O assignments per port, maintaining session integrity during sample rate switches. Each of the DM256 four MADI ports can independently be set to 56 or 64-channel MADI. In addition, legacy MADI gear only capable of 1FS sample rates(44.1, 48kHz), can connect and synchronise to the Dante network, even at 2FS (88.2, 96kHz) or 4FS (176, 192kHz) sample rates.

AMS Neve StarNet DM256 General Specification
  • 4x MADI Duplex SC optical ports
  • 8x MADI BNC connectors (4x Rx, 4x Tx)
  • Dante Primary and Secondary connection for Audio-over-IP application
  • Word Clock Sync In/Out
  • 2x Dante Ethernet ports (Primary & Secondary)
  • 1x Communications Ethernet port
  • External PSU
  • Voltage: 90-240V
  • Current: 0.14A @240V, 0.33A @90V
  • Heat Dissipation: 313watts
  • Width: 483mm (19 inches)
  • Height: 24mm (1.75 inches)
  • Depth: 185mm (7.3 inches)
  • Weight: 2.1Kg (4.6Lbs)


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