2xSFP port for transceiver (TX/RX), incl. PSU.

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MPN: BarnMini 02

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BarnMini-02 is also popular due to the flexibility it brings. Imagine you need to go from multimode to single mode, taking an Ethernet signal into the fiber, using it as an affordable optical repeater etc. BarnMini-02 is a Swiss army knife and the great thing is that you can change your application by changing SFPs. As any of the BarnMini modules, the BarnMini-02 can be used as a standalone box or in advanced systems with BarnOne or any 3. party solution.



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Med hovedkvarter i Sandefjord, Norge, fremstiller Barnfind en multifunktionel signaltransportplatform, der understøtter mange signaler i én ramme. Ud over Barnfinds kraftfulde egenskaber sparer vores unikke tilgang også kunderne for værdifuld rackplads, strømforbrug og dermed penge. Barnfind vil snart blive kendt som den grønneste virksomhed i videobranchen