The Avid Pro Tools Studio 1-Year Subscription Multiseat License NEW is available to academic institutions who do not own Pro Tools Studio and would like to install at least 5 network seat licenses in a lab, for a one-year period.

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The Avid Pro Tools Studio 1-Year Subscription Multiseat License NEW is available to academic institutions who do not own Pro Tools Studio and would like to install at least 5 network seat licenses in a lab, for a one-year period.

The go-to audio-production software for professional songwriters, musicians, creators, and engineers working in the music, film, and TV industry, Pro Tools Studio lets you create, record, edit, mix, and master music and sound for picture quickly using powerful yet easy-to-use tools. Capture performances in pristine 32-bit float / 192 kHz audio for high-dynamic-range recordings with depth and dimension. Bringing ideas to life is easy with fast workflows, real-time MIDI tools, a massive collection of classic outboard processors, coveted musical instruments, loops, analog consoles, and some of the world’s most popular guitar effects—over 115 plug-ins in total. You can mix both stereo and immersive multichannel audio projects with fully automated ease to create Dolby Atmos music or work with Ambisonics. Elevate your recording and mixing experience with tightly integrated audio interfaces and surfaces that offer DSP acceleration, for near-zero latency and unmatched hands-on control.

This Academic Institutions license is intended to be purchased and deployed by a qualified educational institution in a lab environment (not for individual teachers or students). All licenses are registered to the same My Avid account. There is no limit to how many licenses are in the account.
Pro Tools Studio at a Glance
64 simultaneous recording I/O
512 audio tracks, 512 instrument tracks, 1024 MIDI tracks
128 aux tracks/routing folders, 128 VCA tracks, 64 master tracks
1 video track
Stereo, Surround, Dolby Atmos, and Ambisonics mixing
Pro Tools | Carbon Hybrid Engine, VENUE | S6L support
What’s Included and How to Manage Your 1-Year Subscription Multiseat License
1-year access to latest version of Pro Tools Studio software. Once your subscription lapses, you no longer have access to Pro Tools Studio unless you renew or resubscribe.
1-year access to all available Pro Tools Studio updates.
1-year access to Standard support with unlimited online technical support plus billing and account help—response within 24 to 48 hours.
1-year access to the Complete Production Bundle (over 115 plug-ins) and HEAT add-on.
1-year access to Celemony Melodyne essential.
1-year access to Inner Circle rewards—over $2000 in free plug-ins plus music and sound libraries, training resources, and more.
Access to 1GB of Cloud Collaboration storage, 2GB high-quality loop library, plus over 3GB of bonus samples and sounds for virtual instruments.
Users who want to continue using Pro tools Studio after the 1-year period ends may purchase a 1-Year Subscription Multiseat License RENEWAL before their current subscription expires—keeping the same System ID that’s already in their iLok account.
If your 1-year subscription has already expired, you need to purchase a Multiseat License NEW subscription. Starting a NEW subscription surrenders your existing Pro Tools license and creates a new Pro Tools System ID in your iLok account—which you will then have to move onto your iLok USB or iLok Cloud session.
Pro Tools runs on Intel-based Windows and Mac computers as well as on M1-based Mac computers.
Choose to authorize the software either via cloud license with iLok Cloud (requires a constant Internet connection) or with a physical iLok 2 / iLok 3 key (available separately).
About the Multiseat License
With this Multiseat license, no longer does each student need an individual iLok and iLok license to access the software. Now, they can do so over the same LAN. This reduces licensing snags, streamlining the administration of multiple licenses.
Running this Multiseat license requires a networked computer to act as the license server.
Capture Inspired Performances
Ever have that moment where you play something amazing but didn’t hit record? With Retrospective MIDI Record, you can bring in those MIDI improvisations retroactively to recoup spontaneity.
Record with Near-Zero Latency
Use any audio interface that meets your needs to record into Pro Tools. Or add an Avid audio interface or system (available separately) and you can record through plug-ins with near-zero latency.
Create the Perfect Take
Experience the easiest audio comping workflow for creating flawless performances quickly. You can even cycle through different playlist takes to hear what works best and create something truly inspired.
Edit Your Way, Tweak Audio Timing and Pitch
With Pro Tools Studio, you can reshape sounds, fix issues, chop, cut, and tweak audio and MIDI tracks with ultimate flexibility and precision. Trim clips, edit notes, and add fades with the Smart Tool. Change tempo or timing on the fly with Elastic Time. You can even make bad notes sound pitch-perfect with Elastic Pitch.
Advanced and Accurate Mix Automation
From VCA Masters, Track Freeze, and professional metering to the unrivaled ability to automate practically anything—from track volumes and panning to plug-in settings and sends in your mix—all this makes the art of mixing music and soundtracks fast and easy. Automatic delay compensation corrects for delays incurred by plug-ins and mixer routing as well as side-chaining.
Mix Dolby Atmos Music
Pro Tools Studio adds surround mixing capabilities for multichannel mixing in Dolby Atmos and Ambisonics
Fine-Tune MIDI Performances
Quantize notes. Adjust note durations. Transpose recordings. Add dynamics by varying note velocities. Rearrange parts with Folder Tracks. Add more humanistic soul using MIDI Real-Time Properties.
Turn Audio to MIDI and Vice-Versa
Drag an audio sample to a MIDI track or convert an audio track to MIDI, and you can change the instrument, switch out samples, and edit notes. Or, drag a MIDI clip to an audio track for more creative editing possibilities. Audio-to-MIDI allows you to repitch notes and play with the timing. It not only works with melodic material, but you can also convert percussive and polyphonic recordings too.
Change Pitch and Time with Melodyne
The Celemony Melodyne essential plug-in makes it easy to fix bad notes, hold out good ones, tighten up grooves, or even rearrange the melody, all with natural-sounding results. Perfect vocal and instrument performances quickly, or get more creative with them, using the core tool set.
Pro Tools | GrooveCell and Pro Tools | SynthCell Virtual Instruments
Pro Tools | GrooveCell is a virtual drum machine and sequencer that makes it easy to create intricate beats and drum patterns in Pro Tools. You can use the included sounds and presets or build custom drumkits by dragging and dropping your own samples onto the drum pads (MP3, WAV, or AIFF).
Pro Tools | SynthCell is a modern virtual synth that offers a wide palette of sounds in Pro Tools—from old-school familiar to the truly unique. Sporting two oscillators, two multimode filters, an LFO, envelopes, an arpeggiator, and a variety of effects, you can start sculpting your own sounds from scratch or cruise through the library of presets and instantly find something organic, distorted, smooth, chaotic, or analog, without ever touching a knob.

Fuel Your Creativity with Pro Plug-Ins
Polish mixes with access to HEAT (to bring analog warmth and color to your mixes) and every audio plug-in offered in the Complete Production Bundle. From high-quality reverbs, EQs, and dynamics, to virtual instruments and guitar-amp emulators, you have access to everything you need to shape, enhance, and fine-tune your sound.
Work with Sound for Picture
Play and edit 4K/UHD and HD video, and Avid DNxHD sequences right in the Pro Tools timeline (1 video track). You can create and mix soundtracks in sync with picture. Edit audio clips with timecode precision, and position them perfectly in the scene. Clean up tracks, and ensure every bit of dialog, music, and sound is heard, using plug-ins and automation.
Bring the Power of the Hybrid Engine to Pro Tools Using the Carbon Interface
Using Pro Tools Studio with the Pro Tools | Carbon interface (available separately) allows you to turbocharge your system with the Hybrid Engine and mix bigger sessions or record large performances with tons of plug-ins running in real time. The Hybrid Engine allows native CPU and Carbon power to be used more cooperatively to maximize Pro Tools’ performance. When you need to record with near-zero monitoring latency, simply put a track in DSP Mode. The track’s entire signal chain and DSP AAX-compatible plug-ins are then processed directly by the Carbon interface, while your CPU plays back the rest of your mix.
Bounce Better (Including Stems)
Whether bouncing a final mix, consolidating tracks, or printing stems, the new Bounce window enables you to work more easily than ever before. Create your own presets for frequently used workflows. Import OP-Atom audio files. QuickTime capabilities are back, enabling macOS Catalina users to once again export MOV, MP4, M4V, and M4A (AAC) files, critical for audio post workflows.
Save Tons of Time with Space Clips
For video-game sound designers, dialog editors, and sound librarians who often import tens of thousands of audio files per project, Space Clips eliminates the mind-numbing grind and time wasted spacing clips apart before getting to work. With a single command, you can separate multiple clips on a track at equal time intervals of your choosing, quickly and easily.
Discover the Power of the Dark Side
With the Dark theme, Pro Tools offers a modern look and feel that’s easier on the eyes—especially in low-light conditions. You can also change the brightness and saturation of almost every aspect of the Dark and Classic user interfaces.
Bring Focus to Your Session with Folder Tracks
Take command of large sessions by organizing tracks into collapsible folders, enabling you to work more creatively and productively. Arrange, consolidate, and route tracks quickly with drag-and-drop ease. And, group folders in folders and color-code them for even easier navigation.
Connect to Ableton-Link-Enabled Apps and Devices
Expand your instrument options and enable multiple musicians and beatmakers to play along with your session. With support for Ableton Link, you can connect Pro Tools to a wide range of Link-enabled music creation apps, electronic instruments, and sound processors on your network— everything and everyone in perfect sync.
Collaborate In the Cloud
Avid Cloud Collaboration enables you to work with up to 10 collaborators to contribute to the same Pro Tools project remotely. You can work on a song with anyone, anywhere in the world, as if you were in the same studio—all you need is an internet connection.
Connect, Expand Opportunities, and Get Discovered
With Avid Link in the Pro Tools interface, you can connect with other music creators and audio professionals to find collaborators and gigs, share your work, promote your skills, and expand your creative opportunities. Plus, get your music heard on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, TIDAL, and dozens of other major streaming services with easy music distribution through AvidPlay (available separately). AvidPlay supports 24-bit / 192 kHz audio, including Dolby Atmos music.
Take Hands-On Control of Your Mix
Experience the deepest level of integration when you pair Pro Tools with any EUCON-enabled control surface—Avid S6L, S6, S4, S3, S1, and Avid Dock, as well as the free Avid Control app on your mobile device (all available separately). Speed up recording, editing, and mixing tasks with access to tracks, plug-ins, and automation control right from the control surface. You can even create custom keys to perform practically any Pro Tools function with a single button press.



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Avids revolutionerende ikke-lineære editor var den første til at digitalisere videoindhold. Det omdefinerede medieindustrien og er stadig en standard i dag. I dag forsyner Avid hele medieværdikæden med kraftfuld teknologi til at skabe, administrere, opbevare, distribuere film, tv og musik. Vores værktøjer og platforme giver mere end en million brugere og tusindvis af medievirksomheder mulighed for at fortælle stærke historier og komponere musik. Med forbedret workflow, avanceret automatisering, end-to-end integration hjælper Avid i dag håbefulde kunstnere, kreative fagfolk, produktionsteams og medievirksomheder med at trives i den digitale æra.   Pro Tools er et digitalt lydbehandlingssystem (DAW), udviklet og udgivet af Avid. Pro Tools bruges til digital lydredigering, og er meget brugt til lyd i film og tv samt i musikproduktion. Pro Tools kan bruges på Windows og Mac OS.   Du kan filtrere yderligere ved at vælge en eller flere produktkategorier. Brug filtrene til venstre til at filtrere produktlisten. Du kan filtrere ved at vælge en eller flere produktkategorier, mærker mv.