The ml:mio provides you with a compact MADI converter that effortlessly translates from any one type of plug and cable to any other.

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Sonible ml:mio: Universal MADI-stream Converter for Live Events

Sonible ml:mio is a universal MADI-stream converter that converts MADI-streams between optical, coaxial BNC and twisted pair. This greatly simplifies the planning of setups and saves you a lot of time – in particular when working at live events. Especially when on big tours or when a venue comes with pre-installed cabling, it no longer matters whether people work with BNC, optical or CAT cables: with the ml:mio as a universal connector, you always have the right adapter ready to hand.

Router & splitter: Flexible routing & splitting of signals

For more complex setups you can route any input to any number of outputs. No matter how intricate the setup, this makes rerouting and splitting signals an effortless task.

Ease of use: Straightforward operation without external software

The three toggle switches mounted directly on the ml:mio ensure ease of use with no need for additional devices. You don’t even need a notebook to remote-control the ml:mio: smartly integrated LEDs always indicate the current status of your signals and their routing. Especially when working under low light conditions, the ml:mio makes sure you keep track of things with a single glance.

Flashing LEDs on the inputs immediately show you whether a MADI stream is stable or has been lost recently. The color of the output LEDs indicates the chosen source medium routed to this output: green for BNC, red for optical and blue or white for twisted pair.

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